Groove Witness is:

Veronica Kott - vocals

Paul Gulezian - trumpet

Marcus Ranucci - tenor saxophone

Max Lerman - guitar

Dan Parker - bass

Mike Amandes - drums


The members of Groove Witness have known each other for years: Paul and Marcus have played music together since grade school; Max and Mike studied music in college together, as did Marcus and Veronica; Dan and Mike have been playing together since 2007; and Mike, Marcus and Paul all played in the same jazz band in high school.This deep-rooted history helped produce a cohesive and complex sound in a band that the five guys played in for several years before adding a talented new songwriter and vocalist to the mix in 2013. The rest, as they say, is history, and Groove Witness was born.

Following in the tradition of other jazz-funk groups like Liquid Soul, Galactic, and Soulive, Groove Witness plays both instrumentals and vocals, but all the music is informed by a driving rhythmic groove and jazz and blues sensibilities. Groove Witness plays mostly original songs, and most of the band's original music is collectively composed by the entire band. A tune is usually born with a contribution from a single member - an entire form and chord progression; a simple bass line and a bit of a melody; a guitar riff and a couple chords - and then the band goes through many live iterations of a tune, trying out different musical ideas and concepts before settling on the final arrangement.

This organic process keeps the music original and fresh, and tunes evolve somewhat of their own volition as they are played time and again in rehearsal. Our collective musical soul is rooted in jazz harmony and rhythm with a good helping of funk, soul, and rock flavor as well. We hope you dig the music... we have lots of fun playing it.


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